as well as a logistical platform for international shipments


S.Eco operates a facility which is licensed for the temporary storage and treatment of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste (liquids and solids) for both recovery and disposal.

The facility is divided into different zones


Liquid storage:
- dedicated entrance
- acceptance
- transferal of liquids to vacuum cabin
- storage on shelves

Solid storage:
- dedicated entrance
- acceptance
- sorting and repackaging
- storage of packaged waste on shelves
- temperature-controlled waste storage
- waste storage in closed compartments for maximum security
- storage of medical waste in specially-designed containers
- processing and shredding of confidential paper and electronic documents

The S.Eco facility does not work solely with the company's own logistics chain; it is a point of reference for third-party suppliers, as well as a collection centre for waste destined for overseas..


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