A company that looks at things from another angle

S.Eco in Verona has been operating in the environmental sector since 1989: collecting, disposing of and destroying industrial, medical and laboratory waste.

For S.Eco, customer care is our number one priority. Thanks to our organisation and flexibility, our customers are guaranteed a prompt and efficient service, aided by our technical and legal staff who always remain up-to-date on the latest reference standards.

Our services cover the whole of Italy, both directly and with the help of selected partners.

S.Eco Servizi Ecologici Srl is based in Verona in Via E Fermi 17/B, near the Verona Sud motorway exit, where we operate a licensed facility for the storage and sorting of hazardous and regular waste for recovery and disposal.


Working together for a greener world

We work together to protect and promote nature: as a company in the environmental sector, this is our mission.

The waste that companies produce is often a burden, a hindrance, an obligation forced on them by law, or simply an additional tax to be paid. However, nature teaches us that everything has its place in the world - the waste that we handle every day still has an intrinsic value, and can become a resource.

Together with our clients, we strive to make the best of waste, to recycle it, and to raise awareness around environmental sustainability.

The philosophy of S.Eco embraces the environment and is committed to recycling the waste products collected to the greatest extent possible, aiming for continuous improvement.

A philosophy that protects the environment

From an operational, organisational and technological standpoint, S.Eco makes every effort to safeguard the environment, establishing a well-defined path to be followed in carrying out its business:
- provide its services in line with legal regulations and with the necessary authorisation, and in accordance with the specifications requested by the customer;
- optimise the efficiency of its logistics, reducing the impact on the environment;
- educate and inform its customers on the correct ways to manage waste, continually raising awareness in order to reduce waste production and promote recycling;
- select the best partners to manage and dispose of waste;
- involve staff and raise awareness of the company's values ​​and objectives;


In 2016, more than 90% of the waste that we collected was sent to recovery: our policy does involve disposing of waste in landfill.


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